Branding Transformation in Digital World

Branding Transformation in Digital World

Branding and communication is undergoing a transformation in today’s marketing environment. Communication has changed because technology has evolved. People have shifted how they want to engage with each other and also how they want to receive brand communication.

Brands need to understand that they are no longer talking to consumers, they’ve got to have a conversation with consumers. The old business model of pushing messages and products to consumers is essentially a thing of the past.

People these days are switched on 24/7 … They don’t just want to be interrupted with messaging, they want to be inspired by brands and drawn to brands. Any marketer who wants to be successful in today’s market place must have an understanding of digital branding and digital communication.

Digital is part of the everyday role of what you do within the Communications industry, it no longer sits on the side, it’s no longer this add value. It changes how we need to communicate with our audiences in order to get their attention and engage them. But whether you’re creative, you want to be a planner, or you want to work in client management.


Liza A Hossain

Founder, Brandylane Digital & Communication


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