We don't do everything, but we do some things quite well.

What We Can Do for Your Business go Faster

Our Expertise

Brandylane is based on a Bangladeshi marketing service provider, founded in 2017 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The fastest-growing marketing company in the country. We offer a complete business solution in trade. Our mission is to engage a target group by offering a different array of products and services anywhere.

Marketing Strategies

A great strategy is simple and focused. Because we believe focus goes further. It’s about reaching the maximum number of qualified leads with the greatest efficiency. By marketing mix, we will create the strategy that how the organisation will propose to sell its products. The organisation has to gather the five P’s of marketing in appropriate combination. Gathering the marketing mix is a crucial part of the marketing task. This is our responsibility to make a standout strategy.

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Business Consultation

Business Setup Consultants team was created in order to provide a genuine ‘customer-focused’ experience for our clients. We have an expansive range of services all of which are offered efficiently, as we work closely with government entities and related departments. Our expert team is ready to guide you to grow your business in Bangladesh.

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Social Development

Social responsibility in marketing involves focusing efforts on attracting consumers who want to make a positive difference with their purchases. Companies have to adopt socially responsible elements in their marketing strategies as a means to help a community via beneficial services and products. A corporate social project can be supported, to meet SGD goals and help the community.

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Successfully running and growing your business depends on understanding your target customers. Once you have a clear picture of their goals, needs, and values, you are more able to drive them towards purchasing your products or services. We connect brands with humans through meaningful engagement through standout research projects.

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Promotion & Events

Specialising in the logistical organisation and delivery of a large range of inspired and professionally managed Expo, events & Promotions. We are well equipped to provide corporate, government, and NGOs with a professional quality of service to fulfil their objectives.

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Do we like to win awards? In a word, yes. But first, it’s about winning hearts and minds. We create to get people talking. And sharing. And buying.

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